Book Reviews – Fiction

Below is a list of the book reviews I’ve written about fiction pieces from all genres. They are in no particular order.

Mostly Madly by Patrick Fealey

Above by Mackie Burt

Kaylee’s Ghost by Rochelle Jewel Shapiro

Shanghai Love by Layne Wong

The House of Tomorrow by Adair Arlen

Effed Up by Russ Woody

True Feel by Ted Bernal Guevara

The Bracelet by C.A. Deslauriers

Wantin’ by Truth Devour

Force of Nature by Robin Leigh Miller

Dark Passage by Griffin Hayes

Bed Bugs by Ben H Winters

One Rode In by Albert Zayat

A Death Displaced by Andrew Butcher

Trigger by Susan Vaught

Grim by Joseph Spencer

Embracing You, Embracing Me by Michelle Bellon

Junior by Ray Donley

Meltdown by Christopher Albert Summerfield

Rusty Goes to Prom by Mike Ronny

Malevolent by David Searls

Appointment with Death by David J Dundas

Footprints of a Dancer by Bob Avey

Protect and Serve by Robin Leigh Miller

Tickle Me by Monica Bouvier

The Publicist by Christina George

Divergent Lives by Minnie Lahongrais

The Gnostic Prophecy by Mike Vasich

Seven Point Eight: The Second Chronicle by Marie Harbon

Broken Sky by Saurav Dutt

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