Christian’s Kisses Series by H.N. Sieverding


Initiation – Christian’s Kisses 1

Scoring free passes to the elite Club 66, Carl invites his best friend’s sisters, whom he believes he can score with as well. At the club Addison finds herself alone with Carl, who is obnoxious, loud and way too friendly for her liking. He gets the brilliant idea to crash the VIP room where the owner of the Club, Master Vallore is having a private party with his friends. After a little spat with Addison over his roving hands, he gets kicked out by the bouncers, leaving Addison alone-but not for long. She soon catches the eye of the rich and handsome Christian, who quickly sweeps her off her feet with his princely charms. But there’s a huge problem-Christian is a vampire, a very dangerous one and soon she finds herself plunged into his world, a place she doesn’t want to be.


Seed of the Master

Seed of the Master – Christian’s Kisses 2

Addison, a beautiful artist, has captured the heart of a well known vampire hunter, Monroe. After getting a taste of her, he’d do anything to make her his again. But there’s a huge problem – she’s the wife of his greatest enemy and is madly in love with her husband. Convincing her to come with him wouldn’t be easy, so Monroe decides to kidnap her and waits until the moment is right to pounce. But Addison has her own set of problems and getting pesky love notes from Monroe seems to be the least of her worries. She brushes him off and doesn’t take his threats seriously-that is until he pays her a surprise visit while her husband is away… 

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