Heartfelt Series by Jamie Salisbury

Where Love Takes Us

Where Love Takes Us – Heartfelt 1

Noel Burns is on top of the world. In fact the world is his oyster. Everything he touches turns to gold. It seems nothing can stop him. . .nothing except a quiet, opinionated woman. Jennifer Quinn.

Jennifer wants nothing more than to quietly rebuild her life. The last thing she wants is another man, especially one so arrogant. But she finds herself drawn to the younger Mr. Burns.

Watch as their worlds collide. Who will surrender first? Will they ignore the obvious attraction they have for each other? Or will they give in and see where love takes them?

The Heart Knows

The Heart Knows – Heartfelt 2

Lauren Beckham has no time for anything except her two children and  catering company. An unexpected widow, Lauren must find a balance between her career, her children and the new life she has forged for the three of them. 
Brenden Mackenzie, a rising new star in the world of classical music. His world has revolved around nothing but his music. Imagine his surprise when he finds himself  attracted to this determined young widow twenty years some years his senior.
With some behind the scenes help from her children, Will and Isabelle, watch as this unlikely pair burn up more than just the music charts.
Is it possible? Can Beethoven and Martha Stewart fall in love and live happily ever after? Or will the music wither and die like a soufflé that falls when tenderly taken from the oven?
Love Will Find a Way

Love Will Find a Way – Heartfelt 3

Jack Hughes – multi-media mogul. Married to his business, for she is his mistress. He is always two steps ahead of the competition, always willing to try new things. Like hire a new editor, with rusty job skills. A favor for a friend. He never saw it coming – love.

Eliza Gray – among other things in her past life, an editor. A skill that brings her face to face with the handsome Mr. Hughes. Newly divorced, she never saw it coming either – love.

Not everyone approves of their budding romance, especially someone from Eliza’s past. Someone who believes destroying Jack will put an end to their passion. They don’t realize Jack Hughes is not a man to be crossed, especially when it comes to three things: his family, his business and the woman he loves, Eliza. And as we all know, love always wins!

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