Love’s Journey by Jean C. Joachim

loves journey

Now and Forever Five: Love’s Journey

Risking it all in their journey for love, Mac and Callie face unexpected obstacles blocking their way. Making sacrifices, plus a huge measure of trust stretch their devotion to the breaking point.

Jason discovers Mac is not his father and begs Callie to find his biological dad. Uncertain as to what she’ll discover, she presses on this journey searching for answers that will bring Jason the peace he so desperately seeks.

Chase Lawson stormed out of Kaitlyn’s life at the state fair four years ago. After he deserted her, she narrowly missed being attacked by a stranger. Heartbroken when he left town, she mourned for months. Now he’s returned and claims to want her back. Is he telling the truth? Is he the same callous, selfish boy who left? Can she trust him again? Kate struggles with trust issues. Mistaken identity threatens her safety, while love threatens her guarded heart.

(This is the only book in the Now and Forever Series I have edited, but all of the books are available at Secret Cravings Publishing, Amazon, etc.)

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