Manhattan Dinner Club Series by Jean C. Joachim

Rescue My Heart

Rescue My Heart – Manhattan Dinner Club 1

While walking her pug in Central Park, Rory Sampson is run down by a bike. She presses charges against arrogant biker, Dr. Hack Roberts, veterinarian. Horrified at the surprising sentence from the judge, Hack plans revenge, only to find himself attracted to the sharp-tongued, soft-hearted writer, who rescues pugs. Will he ignore a previous commitment and go with his true feelings or will he guard his heart?

The judge turned the tables on Rory, thrusting the unwanted, smug Dr. Roberts into her life. Wary after a breakup, she protects her wounded heart from the handsome doctor with a barrage sarcastic come-backs, designed to keep him at arm’s length. Does she remain aloof or will loneliness force her to give in to her desires?

Meet the members of the Manhattan Dinner Club, four women, all pug owners, who meet for dinner once a week. This is the first book in the series.

Seducing His Heart

Seducing His Heart – Manhattan Dinner Club 2

Gorgeous, marriage-phobic, Whitfield Bass dates several women. When he runs into his neighbor, Bess, the sexy baker across the hall tempts him. She turns her nose up at the handsome womanizer. Involved with an undercover cop, Bess is not interested in a player like Whit.

Traumatized by a brutal childhood, Whit swore off marriage. Successfully single at thirty-five, he dates any supermodel he wants. Bess Cooper, cable TV baker extraordinaire, has a boyfriend. The last thing she needs is an affair with a heartbreaker.

Tantalizing aromas from her apartment lure Whit. Sharing a love of good food and pugs, they become friends. After a break-up, Bess’s resistance to Whit crumbles. He’s pulled to her, still fighting commitment with all he’s got. A series of tragic events turns her life upside down. When her recovery’s complete, he takes a job overseas. Will Bess stick around until Whit admits his need for a family of his own?


Shine Your Love on Me – Manhattan Dinner Club 3

Brooke Felson had a hot career on Madison Avenue, hot boyfriend and a place near Central Park. She lived the good life until, piece-by-piece, her world collapsed. Determined not to be like her hippie parents who died young, Brooke had embraced the corporate world, including a steamy affair with her sexy, single boss, Lloyd. But when a jealous client demands staff changes, Lloyd turns his back on Brooke. Her carefully constructed existence begins to crumb like stale bread.

Her change in fortune derailed her plans for success. With everything she believed in stripped away, where does she find a fresh start? Shattered and rootless, she turned to her grandmother and the Monday Night Dinner Club for support. Can her friends, plus a group of sassy seniors, and a handsome writer guide her to a new path? Will grandmotherly wisdom help her find real love and rebuild her life?

To Love or Not to Love

To Love or Not to Love – Manhattan Dinner Club 4

Miranda Bradford had given up on men. Weighed down by family “baggage”: a sick mother and a sister in design school, Miranda had become the responsible one. An aspiring playwright, she walked dogs to put food on the table. Not available for “over-night” dates, she was stamped “undesirable” by most men, despite her good looks. Until Penn Roberts came along.

Drawn to her by a mutual love of dogs and laughter, he moved in quickly on the sexy, dark-haired beauty with the magnetic blue eyes.  Attracted to him by his outward qualities, it was his loneliness and caring attitude that turned heavy-duty chemistry into love.

A secret revealed soured her love to hate, or did it? Hope for affection, so long dormant, had buoyed her heart. But the truth had destroyed her dreams, leaving her bitter.  Betrayal forced her to face her true feelings and make a decision whether TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE. 



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