The Last Hero by H.N. Sieverding

The Last Hero

The Last Hero

Someone releases an ancient sorcerer, one that almost destroyed the world two hundred years ago.  He soon starts where he left off and wages war.  Using the dreaded spell, known as Virus, he infects his enemies and uses them as soldiers in his army.

When he invades Fairway, Cole and his squad are sent to fight him.  Cole’s overwhelmed by the new enemy, and the seemingly impossible to kill, Virus soldiers.  There, he encounters the sorcerer who believes Cole is his son, Nero. He demands Cole come with him, but Cole refuses.  After a tense meeting, Cole’s brain is suddenly flooded with painful visions and he passes out.

When he returns home, the visions only get worse and he is plagued by Nero’s bad memories.  He has no idea what’s happening, and fears he may have caught Virus.  He stays quiet in fear of being taken out of the war. But he can’t stop the visions, and soon realizes the woman he loves becomes a trigger.  He’s afraid he might kill her, so he tries to push her away.  But she never gives up and will do anything to save him from going crazy.

The war then becomes only half of his problem, and he’s left scrambling to stop Nero from driving him insane.  But little does he know, Nero isn’t who Cole thinks he is, and they have more in common than he thinks.

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