Above by Mackie Burt

ABOVE-CoverAbove by Mackie Burt is a novel that speculates what happens after death. The journey begins as Callie Lane stands over her gravestone listening to the mournful comments of family and friends. Before she realizes what’s happening, she is pulled into a world where everyone around her is dead. She is reunited with her grandmother, her neighbor, and her dog as well as making some new friends.

Hardly given the time to adjust to her situation, Callie is told that Above is a lot like school…and life in general. She is expected to take classes to learn how to be a Guardian. She must learn from her mistakes and continue to grow if she is to survive death.  But why is she the only one having flashes of a life not her own? And why does her family keep pulling her back when everyone else has to fight to see theirs?

Burt spins an intricate, beautiful, and emotional tale. The reader will find herself completely immersed in the world of Above, completely invested in each and every one of the characters. Just like Callie, the reader will wonder until the very last page why certain things are happening, how certain things will play out, and what it all means. This story is full of wonder, sorrow, and joy. In the end, the reader may even find herself hoping that Burt’s idea of life after death is accurate; it doesn’t seem so bad, after all!